Inova provides cost saving opportunities to help you and your family achieve education and development goals.


Family Scholarship Program

The Inova Family Scholarship Program for Team Members’ Children helps to attract and retain team members by helping with the cost of post-secondary school for children pursuing a degree in a healthcare field. The Inova Family Scholarship Program awards scholarships of $5,000 each annually for team members' children in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of undergraduate study or last two years of an accelerated program in a health care related field, up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000. Eligibility rules apply, including a 5-year service requirement.

Please see the List of Acceptable Healthcare Majors and FAQs to learn more. For questions, please call Edcor at 855-950-6301 or send an email to

Visit the Inova Family Scholarship Program to apply.

This year's application deadline is May 31st for the 2024 – 2025 academic year!


Student Loan Assistance Program

The Student Loan Assistance Program provides financial assistance with outstanding student loan debt. The Program is open to all regular full-time and part-time team members budgeted to work ≥ 40 hours per pay period, including Physicians, who are in active pay status and have more than 90 days of service. Inova will provide financial assistance by making a monthly payment to team members’ student loan servicers. Monthly payments will be $150 if a team member has less than 3 years of continuous service and $250 if a team member has 3 years or more of continuous service. The lifetime maximum is $10,000. The financial assistance is a supplement to a team member’s regular monthly student loan payment.

Inova's student loan repayment (SLR) administrator is Guild. For more information, please review the Guild Education Resources on the Inova Benefits page on InovaConnect.


Educational Assistance Program

The Educational Assistance Program reimburses up to $5,250 a year in educational expenses for completing undergraduate or graduate degree courses and certain professional certifications that are relevant to your present job or that help prepare you for future opportunities within Inova. You must complete 90 days of satisfactory employment and be budgeted to work at least 40 hours per pay period with Inova before you can commence a course that is eligible for educational assistance.

Inova's educational assistance administrator is Guild. For more information, please review the Guild Education Resources on the Inova Benefits page on InovaConnect.


VA 529 College Savings Plan

The VA 529 College Savings Plan is a savings plan that helps families save for future qualified higher education expenses. With this account, your money can grow free from federal taxes and be used to fund qualified higher education expenses at eligible educational institutions nationwide. Virginia taxpayers also enjoy the additional benefit of a state income tax deduction on contributions to their accounts.

For more information, visit


College Coach

The College Coach program, offered by Bright Horizons, assists parents and children in the process of enrolling their child(ren) in colleges or universities. The program offers:

  • Direct Coaching – Personalized help with admissions, essay reviews, college finance, and more.
  • Insider Workshops – Sharing strategies and debunking myths for every phase of a child’s education.
  • Powerful Tools – Videos, cost calculators, and FAQs – available to the whole family.

For more information, visit their website.