Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall wellness. Inova offers coverage through Aetna to help you maintain your smile through regular preventive care and treatment for any dental problems that may arise.



2024 Dental Plans

You can enroll in the dental plan of your choice as a new hire, during Annual Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying life event. To see your contributionss and enroll, log in to the Inova Benefits Center website.

Key features at a glance

Our dental coverage provides:

Free in-network preventive care

to help keep your teeth healthy

Affordable coverage

that helps you manage the cost of dental treatment

Wide network of providers

that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money

Find a network dentist

You may choose to see any in- or out-of-network dentist you’d like, but you’ll generally pay less when you stay in network. Visit the Aetna website to find an in-network provider near you.

Coverage Details

You can select the Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) or Aetna High Plan. Note: The Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) only covers services provided by dentists who participate in Aetna’s Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO). The Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) may not be available in certain geographic areas. Contact Aetna to see if your ZIP code is eligible for coverage. If you move out of the DMO area, you'll automatically be enrolled in the Aetna High Plan.

Dental benefits* Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)
Available in certain zip codes
Aetna High Plan
Available in all locations
Annual deductible No deductible $25 per person
$50 per family
Annual maximum benefit None $3,000 per person
Preventive You pay $0 You pay $0, no deductible
Minor Restorative Care (fillings) You pay 20% You pay 20%
Major Restorative Care
(crowns/bridges, dentures, implants)
You pay 50% You pay 20%
Periodontal You pay 20%** You pay 50%
Orthodontia $2,400 copay, no deductible 50%, lifetime maximum
benefit is $2,500

*Your coinsurance (or copay) amounts are shown. Your preventive care under the Aetna High Plan counts toward your annual maximum benefit.
**Surgical periodontal services are considered major restorative care under the Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) and covered at 50%. There are no waiting periods for periodontal and orthodontic services and dental work in progress. Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) will not provide benefits related to a pre-existing missing tooth.


Note: If you are enrolled in the Aetna High Plan and you visit a dentist who does not participate in Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), the plan pays benefits based on the reasonable and customary (R&C) charge. You are responsible for paying any amount above the R&C charge. A pre-treatment estimate is required for dental care that’s expected to be more than $250.

Use your dental benefits wisely

Here’s how to make the most of your dental benefits:

Choose a network provider.

Each time you need dental care, you have a choice of providers. Selecting a participating dentist will ensure you receive the highest benefits from your plan. To find a provider, go to the Aetna webiste.

Submit for a pretreatment estimate.

You should submit a request for a pre-treatment estimate for procedures and services your dentist believes will exceed $250 (procedures such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and periodontics). For more information, call Aetna at 1-800-862-5441 or visit the Aetna website.

Check your claim status.

You can review Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements, check if claims have been paid, and more on the Aetna website.