Annual Enrollment for your 2024 benefits begins November 1 and ends November 17. This is your annual opportunity to review your needs and select the benefits that provide the best coverage and value for you and your family.

Special Opportunities During 2024 Annual Enrollment

New PTO Cash Out Process

This will be your only opportunity to make your PTO Cash Out election. Distribution payments will be issued in the December 15, 2023 paycheck Review the PTO Cash Out FAQ document for the eligibility requirements.

Supplemental Life and/or Spouse Life insurance

One time opportunity to enroll in or increase coverage up to the Guaranteed Issue limit without the requirement to complete Evidence of Insurability.

The Guaranteed Issue limit for team members is the lesser of 3x base pay or $500,000.

The Guaranteed Issue limit for spouse/domestic partner is $50,000.

Long-Term Disability Buy-Up

One time opportunity to enroll in coverage without the requirement to complete Evidence of Insurability.


Take Action

Review this page to find out what you need to know and what you need to do during Annual Enrollment. Then, make your 2024 benefit elections between November 1 and November 17.

What’s changing

View a summary of the changes to our benefits program for 2024.

How to enroll

Enrolling is easy! Find out how.

Decision support

These tools and resources will help you make informed decisions about your benefits.

Who can enroll in Inova benefit plans?

Your eligibility depends on how many hours you are budgeted to work.

  • Full-time (60 hours or more per pay period): You are eligible for all benefits.
  • Part-time (40–58 hours per pay period): You are eligible for all benefits except Long-Term Disability (LTD).
  • Fewer than 40 hours per pay period: You generally are only eligible for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Lyra Health, the 401(k) retirement plan, and certain voluntary benefits (via direct debit deduction).

Your Dependents

Your dependents’ eligibility depends on whether they meet the following general requirements.

  • Your legal spouse is eligible.* Domestic partners of either sex and common law spouses also are eligible.
  • Your child(ren) are eligible if they are under age 26, or any age if disabled and the disability occurred before age 26.*

* If you and your spouse or child work for Inova, your spouse and/or child cannot be covered as both a team member and a dependent. Also, you and your spouse cannot both claim your child(ren) as your dependents.


What’s Changing

Inova is making benefit enhancements for 2024 to keep costs affordable for all benefits-eligible team members:

BenefitWhat’s changing for 2024

To support your health and wellbeing, Inova will offer the same comprehensive medical options in 2024. You’ll see some changes as we continue to offer incentives to use Inova providers and facilities while striving to keep our plan costs affordable for all:

  • Updates to medical plan annual deductibles:
    • HDP: The annual deductible change aligns with the 2024 IRS minimum deductible requirements for this type of plan:
      • Team member Only: $1,700
      • Team member + Family: $3,400
    • PPO: The annual deductible for the PPO for 2024 will change to:
      • Team member Only: $500
      • Team member + Family: $1,000
  • Changes to Urgent Care and Emergency Room copays for PPO members only:
    • Save money by using GoHealth, an Inova partner.
      • Team members enrolled in the PPO plan will pay a $5 copay when using a GoHealth urgent care facility
      • The copay for all other urgent care facilities will increase to $35 per visit.
    • The emergency room copay in the PPO plan will increase to $200 (waived if admitted), followed by 20% coinsurance for remaining charges (up to the out-of-pocket limit).

You’ll receive a new medical ID card in January 2024 with the new Inova logo.

Prescription drugs

New prescription drug administrator. When you enroll in an Inova medical plan, your prescription drug benefits will now be administered through Capital Rx.

  • The copays within the plan remain unchanged and you’ll still have access to Inova Pharmacy Plus, as well as a home delivery mail service option for maintenance medications.
  • If you or your covered family members have refills of a medication remaining with the Express Scripts mail order pharmacy, these will be transferred to Capital Rx. Once your remaining refills are used, a new prescription will be necessary.
    • Some exceptions to this are: expired prescriptions, controlled substances, prescriptions with no refills, and compound medications. If you have one of these, a new prescription will be required.
  • If you or your covered family members have any existing Prior Authorizations with Express Scripts, they will be transferred to Capital Rx. Once any Prior Authorizations expire, you will need to complete a new request through Capital Rx.
  • You will be notified directly by Capital Rx of any formulary list changes that may impact your current prescriptions.

Watch for a new prescription drug ID card from Capital Rx for use starting January 1.


Enhanced vision care benefits:

  • New VSP LightCare benefit. Now you can use your frame allowance for non-prescription sunglasses or non-prescription blue light filtering glasses.
  • Increased frames and contact allowances. These allowances have been increased from $150 to $170 under the VSP Vision Buy-Up and VSP Vision Buy-Up Plus.
Health Savings Account (HSA)Higher IRS limits. The HSA contribution limits will increase to $4,150 for team member-only coverage and $8,300 if you cover dependents. Those age 55 and older can continue to make an additional $1,000 in catch-up contributions.
Life & AD&D Insurance

Life and AD&D insurance continues to be provided through The Hartford.

Life insurance enhancements.

  • Basic Life insurance for you: Your Basic Life insurance (company-paid) benefits will no longer be reduced at age 65. The reduction will occur at age 70.

Dependent Life insurance options. Now you will have more Supplemental Life insurance options for your spouse or domestic partner.

  • All classes (except Part-time): New Spouse Life options: $75,000; $125,000; $175,000; and $225,000.
  • Part-time class: Spouse Life will change from $6,000 to $25,000, and Child Life will change from $3,000 to $10,000. Premiums will increase due to the additional coverage amount.
Long-Term Disability Insurance

Enhanced LTD Coverage. For Team Members who are classified as “Management,” the monthly maximum LTD benefit will increase from $8,500 to $10,000.

SoFi Student Loan Refinancing

Discontinuation of SoFi Student Loan Refinancing program. The option to refinance student loans through SoFi will end 12/31/2023. Any existing refinanced loans will remain with SoFi.

403(b) Retirement Plan

Freeze of the 403(b) Retirement Plan. The 403(b) retirement plan will be frozen to new participants, and team member contributions will no longer be permitted as of 1/1/2024.

  • Payroll deductions will continue for existing loans.
  • You may still make investment fund elections at any time.
401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

New retirement savings opportunity. An After-Tax contribution option (non-Roth) will be available in early Q1 2024. This new option will also allow participants to make an in-plan Roth conversion of After-Tax contributions, if interested. More details will be available soon.

Do you need to enroll?

If you do not actively enroll, your 2024 coverage will be the following:

  • All 2023 elections will roll over with the exception of any FSA elections (both Healthcare and Dependent Care). You must make a new election for any Flexible Spending Account, per IRS regulations.

You must take action if you want to contribute to an FSA in 2024!

Reminder: This is your only opportunity to make a PTO cash out election as part of Annual Enrollment for distribution in the December 15, 2023 paycheck.


How to Enroll

After reviewing your benefit options, make your enrollment selections by November 17.

Enrolling is easy!

The Inova Benefits Center website will guide you through the benefits enrollment process every step of the way.

Enroll Online

Step One

Log into Inova Benefits Center and click on ENROLL to make your benefit elections for 2024, and access important information and forms. You’ll use your numeric team member ID as your username and your pre-selected password. If you do not remember your pre-selected password, click on the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts to select a new password.

Step Two

Make your selections carefully, knowing they will be in effect through December 31, 2024. Remember that you can only make mid-year changes to certain benefits if you have a qualifying life event, including a family status change (such as having a baby or getting married) or a work status change (such as going from PRN to full-time). If the change is the birth, adoption or placement for adoption of your child, you must contact the Inova Benefits Center within 60 days of the event. For all other events, you must do so within 31 days.* You must also submit dependent documentation to complete the enrollment of your spouse and/or child(ren).

Step Three

Be sure to click the ‘Complete Enrollment’ button to save your benefit selections.  If you close out before selecting the ‘Complete Enrollment’ button, your selections will not be saved or put into effect for the next year. A confirmation page will appear on your computer screen that your enrollment is complete.  You should print your confirmation sheet and keep a copy. You can view your benefit elections at any time during the year on Inova Benefits Center. Simply login and click on My Benefits on the top of the page.

No Internet Access?

If you don’t have Internet access, you can enroll by calling the Inova Benefits Center at 1-877-INOVA01 (1-877-466-8201) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

First Time Enrolling?

Your initial login user ID will be your numeric team member ID. Your initial password will be your date of birth (MMDDYYYY). After you first login, you’ll be asked to change your password and provide a security question with an answer.

Enrolling a Dependent

If you are planning to add a dependent to your coverage, make sure they are eligible for benefits. To enroll dependents into coverage, you will need to provide certain required documentation.

You must provide the required documentation within 45 days (60 days for newborns/adoptions) of submitting your dependent(s) for coverage. If documentation is not timely received, the dependent(s) will not have coverage. To view the documents needed for the Dependent Verification Process, go to the Resources section.

If you have any questions regarding dependent verification, please contact the Inova Benefits Center at 1-877-466-8201 (1-877-INOVA01).

Important reminders!
  • Be sure to provide the necessary dependent documentation for newly-enrolled eligible family members.
  • Make sure you’ve provided updated beneficiary information for Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Accident or Life insurance coverage.
  • Log into your Fidelity account to review your Retirement plan beneficiary information.

Decision Support

Choosing the right plans is important for your health and your financial well-being.

Need Help Choosing Your Benefits? Ask Emma

How often you see the doctor, the types of services you receive and medications you take can all have a big impact on your total annual cost — the total amount you pay throughout the year. To compare plans and estimate your personalized costs, use Ask Emma. You'll find her when you visit Inova Benefits Center and click on ENROLL to start your enrollment. Ask Emma is a private, personalized tool that provide personalized estimates and recommendations based on your previous and anticipated health needs.

Your enrollment checklist

Use this checklist to make the most of your Annual Enrollment opportunity:

  • Re-elect your Healthcare and/or Dependent Care FSA enrollment contribution amount. Your FSA elections do not carry over to the next year.
  • Learn about your benefit options, paying special attention to the changes coming next year.
  • Think about your coverage needs, including how much health care you anticipate needing and whether your current life and disability insurance provides enough protection.
  • Make your benefit elections by the end of the enrollment period.
  • Make sure your dependents are still eligible and submit your documentation for newly added dependents by the due date. Your dependents’ coverage will be canceled if complete dependent documentation is not received by the due date, and you must wait until the next annual enrollment period to re-enroll your dependent.
  • Make sure you’ve provided up-to-date beneficiary information for your Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Accident or Life insurance coverage.
  • Complete your benefits enrollment by November 17.
TIP: Think about the whole cost.

When choosing a medical plan, it’s important to think about the whole cost of coverage — the amount you’ll spend out of your paycheck, as well as out of your pocket (deductibles, copays, and coinsurance).